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Personal Training - If you have never thought about personal training until now, here's what you can except when working with me.  Along with being able to communicate tons of great fitness knowledge, having a friendly and positive personality is a must to be a great trainer.  Whether you want to know the specifics of your program or just be told how to accomplish your goals, both require communication in a personal way.  For some, sensitive issues come into play, so high respect and confidentiality is a must.  I believe exercising creates a natural balance for your life.  My goal with you is to bring a level of understanding, enthusiasm, and accountability at whatever level you are at.       

Weight Management -
Managing weight is an essential aspect to exercising.  Once you are at a weight that is healthy and you're happy with, you are then able to start making choices that will not dramatically affect your body.  My goal will be to teach you how your body works, so you will be able to take responsibility for it and have those choices fit into your lifestyle.  Because of our current obesity epidemic, weight can be tricky to balance in today's world, so remember, managing weight should always be a lifestyle.    

Posture Correction -
This is one of the most important topics I address with clients.  Posture affects so many variables within exercise that I strive to address it consistently with clients.  Your body has an amazing ability to remember movements you do correctly...and incorrectly; therefore, when we train we want to counteract what your body will already do, as well as, what it needs to improve on.  It is imperative that I keep this concept active as we train because the ramifications of improper movements can affect your goals and lead to further help from healthcare providers;  costing you additional energy and resources long-term.

Nutritional Counseling -
I always welcome the chance to talk about food and nutrition.  I teach my clients how different foods affect the body and how many calories to intake daily.  I do this by taking clients to the grocery store, going through their choices, and teaching them how to make any necessary changes along the way.  Alternative nutritional changes such as fasts or fad diets are becoming more popular everyday.  However, I believe making balanced food choices promotes an optimal lifestyle.     

Sport Specific Training -
As my short biography stated, my life has been filled with sports; this has helped make me an exceptional trainer and student of the body.  Due to my athleticism I am able to adjust myself accordingly to my client's ability levels, high or low.  I believe if clients strive to maximize their athletic potential in areas of interest (i.e. snowboarding, biking, swimming etc.), the confidence and freedom they can obtain will change there life.  I have seen this happen many times over.     

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