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"For over 30 years, I worked at a high-stress, desk job and had never exercised consistently until training with Troy.  I started training with him at age 51 and now I am doing workouts that I never thought possible even at a younger age.  Seventeen months later at age 53, I've decreased my stress level, weight, cholesterol and body fat index.  Meanwhile, my energy level, work productivity, physical strength and self-image have all increased.  I truly appreciate everything that Troy has done for me and look forward to training with him in the future.  I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting in shape and improving their health."  -Steve H.

  Top of Longs Peak
 (Steve and I have completed 6 14ers to date)

"Troy has an exceptional way of taking away any and all things that you could possibly be self-conscious about when working out. He breaks the big goal down into little goals and explains how each exercise will help obtain that goal. He's awesome at reading my moods, so he knows when I need a cheerleader or a drill sergeant to help keep me motivated. Troy obviously puts a lot of thought and energy into planning each of my workouts to fit my needs. After four years of training with him, I can't imagine training with anyone else, and I'm thankful to train with someone who treats me as an individual."
-Christine R. 

"Not only is Troy fully knowledgeable about the body, he can clearly communicate to me the cause and effect of what he teaches me.  His workout schemes are creative, motivating, and challenging.  He is always prepared with a plan for me.  In the three years I have worked with Troy, I have never become bored.  With back surgery in my history, Troy has worked with me to regain the strength and agility I feared I would never have again.  Along with his no-nonsense approach, he relays his sincere concern for my well being, and encourages me to strive for the best I can be.  I feel the benefits of my work with Troy in all phases of my life."
-Barbara M.

"I have worked with Troy for over 4 years.  He tailors the workouts to meet the needs of my recreational pursuits of telemark skiing and kayak touring.  I marked my 50th year this year and I’m skiing as strong as I ever have.  The workouts are strenuous and never boring – even after 4 years.  I credit Troy with continuing to motivate me to be strong and healthy and helping me manage the stress of my demanding career."  -Lori R.

"Working with Troy has eliminated the lower back issues that I had for years.  Each season he focuses on the strength I need for my recreational pursuits.  In the fall he gets me prepared for ski season and in the spring he works on the upper body strength I need for a summer of kayak touring.  It makes pursuing these sports even more fun because I'm physically well prepared.  The workouts also help me manage my strength and flexibility.  As I approach my late 50s, Troy has been able to help me keep my body and mind young and sharp."  -Mark R."I have had tendonitis and tendonosis of the lateral epicondylitis (outer elbows) for a number of years due to poor posture, poor desk and chair at work.  This gradually increasing pain became serious in 2008, affecting my ability to work and enjoy life.  Then I began to try cortisone shots, massage, acupuncture, and many other desperate remedies resulting in no progress.  After trying all those expensive solutions, I began to do physical therapy and had very little results feeling no long-term hope for my pain.  In 2010, the tendonitis then spread into my shoulders in the teres major and minor muscle groups, so now I had arm pain and shoulder pain.  At this time, I have replaced my desk chair computer, and tried to correct my posture, still no luck.  Pain can be very discouraging and can take away passion from life.  I then took a desperate step, and had surgery on my left elbow formally know as 'tennis elbow surgery.'  I felt that there was no other way to make this pain go away.  Surgery did help the pain at the elbow, but I still had my shoulder and other issues.  I started working with Troy Johnson Fitness in April of 2011.  After about 4 months, I had started to notice a little bit of difference in my pain and I also had increased flexibility.  After 8 months, I have really noticed a difference in my pain levels.  I'm now able to sleep better and work as normally, but with much better posture and less slouching.  Troy has been able to work around my injuries and surgery area to strengthen the muscles and tendons in a positive way.  It is now a little over a year later and I can truly say my pain levels are minimal and I almost forget that I ever had this problem.  We are now strength training and working on other things to lose weight and increase overall flexibility and health!  I highly recommend the programs Troy presents to his clients and will continue to work with him for years to come!"  -Shawn H.  


"Since 1981, I have trained in many types of fitness training and events. Having these varied experiences with fitness training, my body, as well as my mind, can be a bit jaded (and thus unchallenged) when it comes to finding new ways of training. This has proved to not be the case when training with Troy. For many months now I have pressured Troy to push me and make me adapt to any and every new method, exercise, sequence, rigor or pace he can come up with. I have not been disappointed. Each new session of exercises are appropriately challenging allowing me to make the next qualitative steps toward gaining the next level of fitness. Both my body and my mind are equally challenged as I approach each workout, albeit with some fear, eagerly knowing I will be challenged physically and mentally. The awards have been many fold. Each and every aspect of my life has been enhanced. Stress and anxiety have been reduced while confidence, along with a steadily increasing calm, have taken root in my countenance. I may not be the easiest client to train; but one would never know it when witnessing Troy's competent, along with his spontaneous, methods when responding to my sometimes recalcitrant body and mind. As a man in my fifties and having suffered from some major health issues; I am now eagerly pursuing fitness demanding sports with a greater confidence and way of being that, I can honestly say, I have never known in my life. In a very large part, my recent success are due to Troy's innovative and adaptive training methods."  -Steven C

"I've worked with Troy Johnson for a little over 2 years.  Troy's exceptional skills have helped me to regain control of my fitness and health.  He has motivated me to set my goals high and has helped me to accomplish fitness goals I never dreamed I would have.  Last summer I participated in 2 triathlons and several 5k runs that before working with Troy I never even would have considered.  Troy has also been a tremendous resource in helping me understand the value of proper nutrition to help maximize the effectiveness of my workouts as well as my overall health.  In the last two years my resting heart rate has dropped 30 BPM, I have lost nearly 50lbs, my cholesterol is lower, my blood pressure is lower, and I feel healthier and stronger than I did 14 years ago when I completed basic training."  -John M.

John is Currently down to 210 lbs in this picture before a triathlon.  He was 250 lbs.

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